Client Testimonials

Thanks a million for the most beautiful reading from you. The reading was given with such love and empathy, I could feel the love from the other side  around me in the most joyful and peaceful way. The card reading was so accurate and helpful and guided me in the right direction. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to have another reading soon. 

In light and love,

Catherine - Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland


As many teachers as I have experienced, Norah has stood out as exceptional. Her uniqueness is based upon her ability to draw out the best in her students, keeping absolute individuality intact. Her professional manner gave us all a very high standard of tuition. Above all, Norah has a warm and generous spirit, that in my eyes, is a perfect reflection of the true essence of spiritual communication.

Lara Darby - Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland


I had the beautiful opportunity of a reading by Norah Desmond. The moment I met her for the first time, she was so welcoming and made me feel at great ease. I could feel the warmth and genuineness and a desire to help. I was guided to meet Norah. During my meeting with her, Norah was able to connect to the spiritual world instantly and was able to explore various aspects of my spiritual life. For some time prior to meeting Nora, I have been going through a lot of changes and Norah was able to pin-point with accuracy the changes that have been occurring and that are due to come in the near future. Within about two weeks of Norah's reading, events manifested as she pointed out they would be. Norah took her time, discussed with me in great detail and never at any time rushed to finish. She is patient and a great listener and throughout the reading Nora gave me every opportunity to raise any questions or doubts I had however small they might be. I felt very content and was grateful for the blessed opportunity to meet her.I wish Norah all success and I am very sure that through her services she will touch and benefit many more in time.

Mario Vas - Cork City, Ireland


A few years ago my sister died tragically. I went to Norah for a reading soon afterwards and she brought through my sister, giving her name, the name of her favourite singer, which she mentioned I had played at the funeral and wanted to thank me but that the priest hadn’t pronounced the singers name properly, which was so true! My sister was a bit of a character and Norah brought this through in such detail and gave me so much evidence. Soon after my sister died, I had a conversation with a friend about whether my sister had met Elvis and was he really dead and what was she doing on the other side now. In the reading with Norah, my sister told me that Elvis really was dead, proving she had been listening to my conversation and she really was communicating to me. This brought me great comfort and healing, and I would recommend anyone to have a reading if you have lost a loved one. There are always so many questions left unanswered so its nice to know our loved ones are always near.

Katie C - Cork City, Ireland


I have had the pleasure of attending Norah's Divine Service, her Fledgling Evenings of Platform Mediumship and her Psychic Development Circles.  Her calm, easy, gentle manner always ensures that everyone is relaxed.  She is sincere, deeply spiritual, and her secret is probably that she is 'ego-free'.  The Divine Service is a beautiful evening of music, inspirational talks, and healing messages from loved ones who have passed on.  From my own personal experience, I have had wonderful communications with accurate information on these occasions and it is so heart-warming to know there is such support from our spirit family who love helping us manage our everyday life challenges. At the fledgling evenings, I have witnessed the soft encouraging nurturing way she coaches and coaxes her students to bring through the information without ever a hint of impatience on these occasions or whilst teaching these techniques in class. It is a pleasure to give Norah this testimonial as it is also a pleasure to see how she has helped people to develop their gifts. 

Eilish O'Keeffe, Glanmire, Co. Cork, Ireland.