Upcoming Workshops

For anyone interesting in doing any of the following Workshops please contact Centre of Spirit to express interest or to put your name down for a Workshop.

Here is a full list of workshops coming on stream for the year

  • Exploring Physical Trance 
  • Trance Healing/Spiritual Healing
  • Mental Trance and Altered states of consciousness
  • Soul Talk (Development of Inspirational Speaking/Writing
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Awakening to Spirit
  • History of Spiritualism
  • Intensive practical Mediumship
  • Unlocking the Psychic self
  • How to run Mediumship Circles
  • Symbolism in Mediumship/Psychic
  • Exploring Colour and Sound in Mediumship
  • Discover the world of Auragraphs
  • Spirit in Art
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Chakras, Your link to Self Discovery
  • Interpretation of the Human Aura
  • Seership, prophecy
  • Tea-leaves, Crystal Ball Glazing, Mirror Scrying 
  • Tarot
  • Psychometry/Telepathy