Out of a Medium's Mouth

Much has been written in recent years with regard to the changing diversification of Religious beliefs in Ireland, yet, until now - none have addressed the phenomenon of Spiritualism. Belfast born Medium and author Michael Flood takes us on an historical journey through Ireland’s mystical past to the emergence of the New Age movement. Although the sons and daughters of Ireland are known throughout the world for being especially loyal to their own kin, this book chronologically details the significant events and Pioneers that have challenged the sociological factors that can greatly reduce the freedom of religious expression. Spiritualists are steadily habituating their lifestyles upon family and friends, with attendances at Spiritual Services manifestly on the increase. More and more people are turning to Mediums, looking for the answers to life’s burning questions. We need only look to Social Media to discover the enormity of Spiritual Groups and individual Mediums that live and work in Ireland. This little almanac of sorts is a must read for anyone interested in the phenomenon that is sweeping the emerald isle, challenging dogma/creed in its wake with the irrefutable love and messages from the life hereafter.