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Sitting in the Power

We have to develop our own Power first before we can connect to the Spirit world.  Building your power is your gateway to strengthening your connection to the Spirit World, helping you to be a stronger Medium!

Sitting in the power is a form of meditation.  For me, it is connecting to the Divine God Source. God is power and God is the centre of all that we are.  Your own Spirit is filled with this beautiful God power.  When you think of it, we have come from the Spirit world and we are Spirit.  So we do have this power within us and we need to connect with this more often.  Do not underestimate your own power and the Spirit Worlds power.  This power is also in the earth, nature and the universe.  We need to develop an awareness of this and know we are powerful human and spiritual beings, trusting and connecting with it everyday to bring us closer to Spirit.

Let us go on a journey into sitting in the power…..

First of all, we will go into the stillness and relax by bringing our awareness to the breath. It is the breath that will bring you to a deeper state of connection with your own spirit. As we do this, we connect to that spark of divinity deep within us.  Next, I want you to visualise or imagine the flame from a candle burning brightly.  Bring your awareness to the flame and immerse yourself with the light and warmth coming from this flame. 

As you feel the presence of your Spirit, say the words “I am Light, I am Love, I am Peace, I am Power!” The words ‘I am’ have great spiritual power as it is the force from which the universe is made, which is God.

Then expand your light out in to the Earths energy - absorbing its power. Then further out in to the universe - breathing this power in.

Allow yourself to sit in this power for 10-20 minutes each day.  Become aware of it, feel it! Know that each day as you do this, you are building your own power, building your connection as a Medium, and know that this connection can only grow with each unfoldment. 

Remember the greatest work you will ever do in this life is the work you do on yourself, for when you work on yourself, others will benefit, and you can be of much greater service to humanity.

Ultimately we are all here for a short time….just helping each other find our way back home to that Power.

Much love

Psychic Medium Norah Desmond x