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What Is Spiritual Growth?

Spirituality is a never-ending Journey, and one that unquestionably requires courage, dedication and commitment.  While it is not necessarily an easy journey at times, it is often in the face of adversity that one’s soul makes its greatest evolutionary strides, and the wisdom and experience gained along the way is immeasurable.  It is a Journey where worlds open up at every turn, where one begins to comprehend the vastness and infinite nature of the whole.  It is one that provides sure access to the powerful and uplifting nature of Source energy. It is a joyful Journey where one blends with the Universe in an endless loop of exhilaration and stimulation.  

Spiritual growth examined in finer detail, encompasses the following:

  • It is a creative experience of inner exploration. 
  • It is about becoming reacquainted and realigning oneself with Source energy. 
  • It is about communing and blending with the external and higher part of ones being, which is, and always will be, Spirit. 
  • It is about acquiring wisdom through experience. 
  • It is about flowing and utilising Source energy to create the world one desires.  
  • It is about taking responsibility for ones choices and their consequences. 
  • It is about liberating oneself from limiting beliefs. 
  • It is about expanding ones horizons and raising ones awareness.
  • It is about being sovereign, and accessing, utilising and relying on one’s own guidance. 
  • It is about and finding one’s own truths and being true to oneself. 
  • It is about moving beyond the personality and becoming conscious of who one truly is. 
  • It is about embodying and expressing the inherently joyful, loving, prosperous and abundant energy of one’s spiritual being. 
  • It is about turning adversities into blessings. 
  • It is about loving one-self enough to be of value to all. 
  • It is about having the courage to confront that which one is not. 
  • It is about abandoning judgement and promoting unity at all levels. 
  • And it is about recognising and valuing one’s inextricable connection to the whole.  
Spiritual growth is about
increasing our ability to love
without limits