Spiritual Assessments

Spiritual Assessments can be offered to those who wish to know their Spiritual path, whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced on your journey with Spirit.

A Spiritual Assessment is there to help you and guide you and having an understanding of your own spiritual awareness whether it is for working for Spirit or your own personal spiritual development.  We all require guidance from time to time on our spiritual journey. Receiving confirmation on who is working with you can help with recognising strengths and weaknesses in your development.

Those who want to pursue a deeper meaningful connection with Spirit and their gifts should consider having an assessment. Norah will establish a clear view of the progression of the individual by tuning into the Spirit world who also will offer guidance, direction and insight. 

Assessments can be offered to those who wish to know their spiritual path, whether they are a novice, intermediate or advanced on their journey with Spirit.

Assessments last 30mins.

Cost €53

Please Note : When booking on PayPal please leave a contact number in the notes section of the booking to ensure we can contact you

What lies behind us and what lies
before us are tiny matters...
compared to what lies within us