Please Note : If you would like to make a booking please text me on +353 87 2831151 to confirm an appointment or arrange a gift voucher. We will arrange payment once it has been confirmed.

Divine Service

If you are interested in attending our Divine Service, you will receive a very warm welcome. It is open to all religions.  A Divine Service is a celebration of Spirit. It is an opportunity to be in the presence of God and loved ones who are in Spirit. For those who wish to attend you will enjoy an uplifting spiritual address, music, songs and bear witness to a demonstration of Spirit communication from your loved ones. 

Spiritual Healing is available to those who wish to avail of it after the Service.  A nominal entry fee of €5 is required at the door (which covers the cost of the room etc). Held the first Sunday of each month @ 7.00pm in the The Kingsley Hotel, Lee Road, Cork City. (May be subject to change - check in on our facebook page for any changes)

What is it we provide to those attending our Divine Service? 

Inspirational speakers who share their knowledge of life. Spiritualist Mediums to demonstrate and prove that life does continue and that communicating with loved ones is possible. 

To create a loving and peaceful atmosphere where people can come to discover their own divinity, a place where freedom of thought, self-expression and confidence in their own uniqueness can grow. We provide a place for those who seek to be at peace and oneness with all things.  



The light burns in honour of
those who are watching
today from Heaven