Psychic & Mediumship Development Circles

Circle work is crucial for your development. Your Spiritual Awareness will quicken whilst sitting in a group of like-minded people. The energies are much stronger and under the guidance of a circle leader who will guide and help you and show you all the techniques and methods needed to unfold your gifts. Your Mediumship and Psychic abilities will strengthen through the love, harmony and power working together as a group. Circle Members' energies blend and also the Spirit Guides and Helpers to build that beautiful connection between your Spirit and the Spirit world. Dedication and discipline are important factors in a Circle. 

Circles will cover:

  • Various exercises for your development (group and one to ones)
  • Sitting in the power and building your power to connect
  • Meditations (such as meeting your guides etc)
  • Inspirational Speaking/Writing
  • Trance, Mental and Physical
  • Trance Healing
  • Auras/Chakras
  • Learning about Colour
  • Platform Mediumship
  • One to One Readings
  • Psychic Exercises

There are two types of circles:

  • Closed Circles 
  • Open Circles

Closed Circles are for people who have been with the group for a long time and who turn up regularly. It is normally the same people every week unless you are invited to join. 

Open Circles are open to everyone. Working with different people each week developing your Psychic and Mediumship abilities.  

Development is all about advancing from looking to seeing, from hearing to listening and from believing to knowing. 



Weekly Circles


Closed Circle

7.30pm - 9.30pm



Your intuition is always pushing
you towards growth and your
highest good.
Learn to listen to it.