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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person, Mind, Body and Spirit.  Spiritual Healing is a form of mediumship and healing energies are channeled through a healing medium.  The Healer attunes to the Universal God Force energy and becomes the instrument through which the healing energy is passed from Spirit to the healer and to the recipient.

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All sessions last 40 minutes

Aspects of Healings are:

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Contact Healing
  • Absent/Distant Healing
  • Trance Healing

Spiritual Healing

All healing comes from God. The Healing energies are channelled through a healing medium, normally assisted by the Healer’s guides and is transferred to the patient.  The healing is from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit, (ie from the healing guides through the Spirit of the Healer and directed to the Spirit of the patient).

Spiritual healing is the laying on of hands and through prayer.  When the hands are laid on a patient and a prayer is said, the conditions have been met so as to achieve the best possible results for the patient. 

Contact Healing

The Healer’s Hands are placed upon the patient and the healing energies are directed by the Healer’s healing guides through the healer to the person. The hands are placed on the shoulders.  The Healing energy flows through the body.

Absent Healing / Distant Healing

The person receiving the healing is not present during the transmission of energy.  Healing has been directed by an attuned healer by the thought and prayer to convey to Spirit the request for healing to reach the person seeking healing.

Trance Healing

Trance Healing takes the same form as Contact Healing except that it allows the healer to be entranced by a healing guide i.e. doctors and specialists in the Spirit world who carries out the healing.  The healer will enter a state of altered awareness allowing the spirit guide to draw close and blend with the healer entrancing the healer where the healing energies will be transmitted to the patient.

A Prayer For Healing

At every moment of our existence you are present to us, God , in gentle compassion , help us to be present to one another so that our presence may be a strength that heals the wounds of time and gives hope that is for all persons through our beloved and passionate God

The soul always knows what to do
to heal itself, the challenge is
to quieten the mind