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Harry Edwards

The Great Healer  1893 – 1976

Born Henry James Edwards in London in 1893.  Harry was world famous, and known as the greatest healer of his time.  He is a Healer whose work has greatly inspired me on my path.

Harry was led to an “Open Circle” and became a Medium.  Other mediums told Harry he was also a healer and he was encouraged to intercede on behalf of a person dying from tuberculosis who made a remarkable recovery.  Another person had terminal cancer, but upon Harry Edwards help, he became well enough to return to work.  In 1954 Harry created a national healing organisation – NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers).

Harry felt that Spirit Guides assisted him as he placed his hands on each person for several minutes usually in silence.  He cured many chronic diseases including arthritis and cancer.

Harry Edwards founded the Harry Edwards Sanctuary in 1946.  To this day, vast numbers of people from all over the world continue to contact the sanctuary that he founded, benefitting from the healing help given.

Harry Edwards passed into Spirit in 1976.  However the Sanctuary that he founded, which he established as a registered charity in 1966 carries on, continuing his legacy and bringing healing to thousands of people world-wide.

The Harry Edwards Healing Prayer

May I be thankful for all the blessings I already have.

Grant me relief from pain and sickness, protect me from all ills and grant me good health in the days to come, remove all causes of imperfection and bring your Healing Ministers close to me that I may be conscious of their presence and so receive guidance and inspiration.

Grant me courage and fortitude to overcome all adversity. Let me be conscious of your strength in all times of need. Grant me confidence to overcome my fears and not to anticipate harm.