Psychic & Mediumship Readings

Norah offers Private One to One Readings, Group Readings, Skype Readings and Phone Readings. 

Private Readings via Phone or One to One

All Readings last for 40 minutes

Readings via Phone or One to One : €63



Private Readings via Skype

All Readings last for 40 minutes

Private Readings via Skype : €63



Spiritual Assessments

Spiritual Assessments can be offered to those who wish to know their Spiritual path, whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced on your journey with Spirit.
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Assessments last 30mins.

Cost €53



What to expect during a Reading?

During a reading, Norah uses a combination of Psychic and Mediumship. During the Psychic part of the reading, Norah uses the tarot cards and the angel cards, to look further into areas such as family, work, relationships, finances and an overall view of what guidance is needed.  During the Mediumship part of the reading, Norah connects you with your loved ones in the Spirit World. The Spirit World are very intelligent and when you book a Mediumship Sitting, your loved ones have also made the appointment to be there and are only waiting to connect with the Medium to show you they are still close to you and very much around you still. 

There are two kinds of information that come through during a sitting. The first is identifying the loved one in Spirit, together with evidence of their life before they passed.

The second kind of information that comes through are the messages, giving comforting reassurance that they are very much aware of what happens in your daily life, and to give evidence of the continuity of their soul. FAQ